Fun at the Fair

On Sunday, I lured my boys to the Art Car Boot Fair held in Brick Lane with the promise of vintage cars to drool over.   The Fair is a chance for top artists to let their hair down and engage with the public in a fun, informal way.   Lots of the art is sold from the back of a car just like in a regular car boot sale.

art car boot sale signThe sale was packed with artists, people, art bargains and a fun atmosphere.  We had a blast!

photo: Art Car Boot Fair

photo: Art Car Boot Fair

This year was the 10th anniversary of the annual Fair which was sponsored by Vauxhall. Of course, the cars were all Vauxhall and there were some beauties.

vauxhall vintage car

The Fair had party games to raise money for the charity Just for Kids Law which provides advice and representation who find themselves in a spot of bother with school or the law.  The games were out-takes on traditional child games, Pass the Art Parcel, Handbag Disco and Celebrity Bingo.  I wanted to participate in Handbag Disco where you dance around brown bags each filled with a handbag and when the music stops you grab a bag.  Everyone gets a bag and some lucky people got designer bags from Anya Hindmarch, Jimmy Choo etc.  Sadly, I couldn’t convince Mr. N (who thinks I have too many bags anyway) to stick around for the game.

Lots of people brought their dogs (including us).  There was a dog fashion show as well but our dog refused to wear a costume.

Over 60 artists were represented, including big names like Sir Peter Blake, Tracey Emin, the Binney Sisters, Pam Hogg, Gavin Turk and Wilma Johnson.  Most of the art was limited editions created specifically for the show.  For example, Turk sold balloons filled with Vauxhall car exhaust (see below).

Some of the artists created limited edition tax discs which are still available for sale through Pretty Taxing.

photo:  Pretty Taxing

photo: Pretty Taxing

If you would like to see more photos, check out my Flickr stream.

What do you think?  I loved the atmosphere but Mr. N felt he couldn’t appreciate the art because of the crowded fair setting.  Do you like to view art in a gallery or anywhere you can find it?

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