Five Favourite Finds

I’ve decided to do the occasional Friday post on my most recent 5 favourite finds.  I may never get around to creating an entire post including them in topics which would be a real shame.

The Balloon Lamp from Estiluz.  I saw the Balloon Lamp made by Barcelona designers, Crous and Calogero, for the Spanish lighting company, Estiluz, at Clerkenwell Design Week.   How beautiful is this simple shape?  The ceiling version looks like a helium balloon floating to the top of the room.  The cord turns the lamp on and off as well as from brighter to softer light.  The soft glow comes from the translucent shade which is a brushed polyethelene.  I think it would be perfect for a modern child’s room or a playful adult space.  Here’s one place that sells it online.

photo:  estiluz

photo: estiluz

Solar Garden Lampshades from Danish designer Lisbeth Dahl.  I saw these lampshades at Pulse London a few weeks ago and they are really pretty.  With our current bout of sunshine, how great would all these lampshades look all lit up for an evening garden party?  There is a hidden solar panel at the top of the lampshade which collects sunlight during the day for light in the evening.  I’ve found them online at Lindylou’s Lovely Things.

solar lamps

Tiger, is a new Danish general goods store at the O2 Centre on the Finchley Road near Swiss Cottage featuring a variety of home, office and lifestyle items.  They have a handful of branches all located in the Southeast of England.  They have a huge selection of stylish items which are reasonably priced.  Compare these bud vases — very similar right?  The left one is from Tiger which I saw at the store for the price listed.  I bought the right-hand one from from, a Dutch company, for approximately 9X that price.  I was a little shocked by how close the designs were but how wide the price range was.

bud vases

Check  out this Victorian Melt Chair from Douglas Montgomery, a BA student at the Cass Faculty of Art I met at May Design Series this past month.  Douglas up cycled an Victorian chair by melting PETG (the material used for cola bottles) onto it.  The melted plastic looks like a dropcloth doesn’t it?  This innovative design modernises the whole look and feel of a fairly bland commonplace chair.

photo:  Douglas Montgomery

photo: Douglas Montgomery

Also launching new designs to the UK market at Clerkenwell Design Week were Shake the Dust.  Shake the Dust is a new company started by Kathy Shenoy inspired by her life and work in Southern Africa.  Imported by local producers, the items are all ethically-sourced and provide income to local women.  The vases below are from Gone Rural and produced in Swaziland based on traditional grass plaiting and weaving. The bowls on the lower right hand side are made from recycled waste paper by a Swazi social enterprise.

tribal vases

So, what do you think? It’s an eclectic mix of items in a range of prices.  I’m in awe of all the talent that is out there.

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