Take Your Best Shot!

At Cybher last weekend, among other fab people and discussions, there was a really great photography workshop given by Mario Cacciottolo.  I figured I’d share some of Mario’s photography tips because we are all snap-happy even if its just with our camera phones.

Mario is a professional photographer and his personal photo project an be seen on Someone Once Told Me.  He’s currently doing a world tour for his project which involves posting a daily photograph of a person holding a message with something someone once told them.  The website also goes into the story behind the quote.

photo:  someoneoncetoldme.com

photo: someoneoncetoldme.com

I love this photo of a child on a trampoline.  The child is obviously happy (and we know kids like jumping on trampolines) but the portrait doesn’t feel forced.  Some of Mario’s portrait tips at work here:  (i) take the person to a place where they feel comfortable and happy, (ii) give them something to do with their hands to lessen an awkward pose and (iii) put the person in the foreground.

Here is a photo which sums up 5 of the most common mistakes we all make with taking pictures of people:

photo tips

1.  Make sure the interesting parts of the photo are prominent.

There is way too much grass in this shot.  There is nothing exciting about grass so why have half the photo devoted to it?  You could tell she is standing on  a lush lawn with a lot less grass showing.

2.  Face the light.

The woman’s face is in the shadow and the rest of her is in the light.  Always have your subject’s face in the light.  Move your subject around or move the light around – it doesn’t matter, just make sure the face is in the light.

3.  Move your people into the foreground.

The woman is way too far away.  Have your subject in the foreground and the house in the background will still be visible

4. Watch the shadows.

The photographer’s shadow is in the photo!  The photographer can always move to be out of the frame.  Better yet, use a zoom so that you are not near enough to cast a shadow.

5. Watch out where your eye is being directed.

The shadow casts a straight line to the woman which is good as it draws your eye towards her.  Unfortunately, the line dissects her in half and her face is in the shadows!  Make sure any leading lines are heading towards something that is worth looking at.

I hope you find these tips as helpful as I did.  Got any more tips to share?  Please post in the comments below.

Summer hols are coming! Time to bring out those cameras and start snapping away….

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