The Luxe Look for Less: Dinesen

Ever wanted something beautiful for the home but just couldn’t budget its price tag? Unless you are seriously wealthy, of course, you have. I’m going to start a monthly series called The Luxe Look for Less because so many of us have impeccable taste but not the budgets to match.

I shall start the series with Dinesen floors, a Danish family-run business, beloved by architects and interior designers for their outstanding quality and appearance.

photo:  Dinesen

photo: Dinesen

photo: Dinesen

photo: Dinesen

I love Dinesen floors – simple, elegant and wide planked.  They do some of the world’s best flooring.  If you want to check out the real thing, you can see Dinesen floors installed at The Saatchi Gallery.
photo: Dinesen

photo: Dinesen

Mr. N though nearly fell of his chair when I told him the price.  Sort of like my ideal refrigerator (the Sub-Zero), it wasn’t happening.  When I first saw interior designer Paula Gowar’s home, I thought she had splurged on Dinesen. Her budget, however, simply didn’t allow for it.
photo:  Paula Gowar

photo: Paula Gowar

When that ugly word budget rears its head, I think you simply have to be creative to achieve a close approximation if you can’t have the real thing.  Here’s one way of getting the Dinesen look for less:
photo:  The Solid Wood Flooring Company

photo: The Solid Wood Flooring Company

The Solid Wood Flooring Company have a recommendation for a look similar to Dinesen.  They do 340mm wide oak planks which can be finished with Blanchon wood ageing agent and hard wax oil.  If you ask nicely, you can even get a sample done to your specifications to see if you like it before you buy.  Now, that’s service!

So, what do you think?  Would you splurge on Dinesen or opt for a budget-friendly version?

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