Grandly Designed Rooms

Did you get to Grand Designs London this year?  As ever, it was a massive event.  The Grand Interior Room Sets, are one of the highlights of the show.  The room sets were put together by interior designers Jo Bailey, Kate Monckton and Lizzie Chambers, who were asked to reflect three principles:  mood, personality and function.  Let’s do a “house” tour, shall we?


Jo Bailey, designer for the entrance and living room,  has created an entrance that is practical and uncluttered.  Hooks, baskets and shelves provide storage for life’s daily clutter.  Benches provide comfortable seating for taking of shoes etc.  Note the painted green arrow and pillows echo the feature wallpaper’s geometric print.

Get the look:   bench, hooks, crushed bowl, carafe, basket, candle holder are all from Places and Spaces and the rucksack, hooks and geometric wallpaper are all from Aria.


Living Room

This room reflects two of this year’s big trends – the colour indigo blue and the use of copper both in accessories and as a colour.   The colours are fairly muted and dark providing an elegant base with which to add pattern and texture for interest.  Pattern is easy to add with textiles such as the pillows, the throw and the rug.  Natural elements provide texture – check out the use of wood, glass, metal and stone.

Get the look: flooring from Eco-flooring UK; berber rug from Larusi; wall colours (Tempest on the bottom) and (Yes Your Honour on top) from Fired Earth; Adrenalin artwork by Jessica Zoob from Fawn Art Consultancy; and sofa from The Sofa and Chair Company.

living room

Adult Bedroom and Dressing Room

Kate Monckton designed the bedroom and dressing room. She suggests tips for injecting personality into a room.  First find your colour scheme with something that speaks to you, such as artwork or a decorative accessory.  Next, add texture and pattern to the room for visual interest.  Finally, finish off with decorative items and furnishings which add personality.

Get the look:  curtains are from Pret a Vivre; Fornasetti wallpaper from Cole & Son; antique mirrors from Daniel Heath; chest of drawers from Orchid Furniture; dressing table from Solid ID; headboard is from The Headboard Workshop; and decorative baskets from Dar Leone.

master bed

Child’s Room

Children love joyful rooms.  This room is so colourful, the mess created by the child, just forms part of the exuberant backdrop. Instead of nagging your child to tidy up, you can just airily claim its part of the decor!  Just as practical, the vinyl floor is easy to clean, hardwearing, soft and comfortable.

Get the look:  vinyl flooring from The Colour Flooring Company; bed by Belgian company Mathy By Bols and sold by Bobo Kids; furniture from Molly-Meg; and hanging pom-poms from The North Pom.

child's room

Dining Room

Interior stylist, Lizzie Chambers, was responsible for the dining room and the study.  Her tips for introducing function into decorating your rooms also revolve around colour, texture and pattern.  For colour, she advocates using muted background tones.  She likes to add texture by combining natural surfaces with clean lines.  She introduces vintage patterns into contemporary furniture in order to promote a relaxed vibe.



Personal details make a working environment relaxing and enjoyable.  Note the photos and pictures scattered throughout the room.  Soft furnishings, such as the pillows and rug add texture to practical furniture making the space feel less utilitarian.  The sophisticated parquet patterned vinyl flooring in the study is similar to that in the dining room (just a different colour way).  Is vinyl flooring the next big thing?  It’s showed up here in 3 room sets.

Get the look:  shelves from Belle and Bespoke and flooring by Neisha Crosland for Harvey Maria.


So what do you think?   I liked the way that the designers mixed in trends without the whole look being too trendy.  I also like the mix of subtle Asian and African influences interspersed with the contemporary furniture.

As for products, I’m coveting the loft bed and vinyl flooring in the child’s bedroom and the Senegalese baskets in the adult bedroom.  See anything you like?

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