How is good design like a mother?

And the answer is:

blank blackboard with eraser smudges

Happy Mother’s Day for you who are American, Spanish, Australian etc. who celebrate mother’s day today.

I am lucky to have 2 Mother’s Day celebrations myself.  Excessive, I know, but I am the Lifetime Leader of the Undemocratic Republic of NYLon.  A hallmark of the best benevolent despots is (some) excess.

help button

I get the feeling Little Miss is planning a coup d’etat, though, ever since she saw that movie Hop (in which the Easter Chick tries to overthrowthe Easter Bunny as chief representative of Easter).  If, suddenly, these posts suddenly start giving glowing reviews of Barbie’s Dream House, you know that I have been locked in my walk-in-closet with crates of Diet Coke.  Please send help.

Anyway, right now I am firmly ensconced in power and enjoying family adulation.  Here’s a photo of the British Mother’s Day breakfast my children made me:

pancake and tea

A burnt heart-shaped pancake and a cup of tea.  Just perfect.
Have a good day!

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