Parisian Style Galeries

Whenever I am in Paris, I always stop by Galeries Lafayettes Maison for a quick browse.  Mr. N and the children are tempted along by the Pierre Herme macaroons they sell on the ground floor.  While they are enjoying their sugar rush, I nip around and see the beautifully styled store.

The trompe l’oeil at the Koziel concession is always a firm favourite.  French designer, Christophe Koziel, has created marvellous creations that look super-realistic because they are a mix of photography and digital enhancement.  The wallpaper looks and feels amazing because the images are printed on polyester velvet fabric. These beautiful panels add a dash of vintage European glamour to a home.


In the dining section, I found these charming chair covers.  At 70 Euros each, it may be cheaper just to buy new chairs at Ikea.

seat covers

These beautiful plates are so elegant with their delicate patterns.


Alternatively, these casual and colourful plates reflect both the trend for ombre and the hand-crafted look.


How beautiful are those colour combinations on the beds? turquoise and taupe, salmon and taupe, orange and taupe, anthracite and lime. The effective use of colour  makes neutrals far from boring.   Note also, that the bright colours are mainly in the pillows which are easy and cheap updates to a room.

I love this bed! It’s a four poster made of steel pipes and would look fab in a slick warehouse conversion. So urban yet romantic and nostalgic. Now, that’s a hard combination to achieve!

steel bed

This head-less teddy bear lamp freaked me out.  Probably Parisian children are made of sterner stuff.
bear lamp
So, did I buy anything? Oui, indeed-y. This Koziel art frame now surrounds the Lutron light switch in my dining room. The very modern light switch really stuck out next to the piano and on a picture gallery wall. I think the trompe l’oeil picture frame takes the focus away from the light switch.
What do you think?  What would you have bought?

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