Living etc House Tours: Get the Look

Did you like the look of the homes in my previous Living etc House Tours posts?  Here are some of the products featured in the houses:

get the look
  1. Create outdoor rooms with living room style such as this plastic Kartell Bubble Club Chair designed by Philippe Stark
  2. The incredibly versatile Tulip Table by Saarinen (seen in all of its iterations, namely dining, coffee and side tables)
  3. Beautiful and elegant Arco floor lamp by Flos
  4. Quality, stylish bathroom basins from Duravit 
  5. Floor cushions for casual living such as this Smile Floor Cushion from Abigail Ahern
  6. Ironic decor statements such as the Gnome Attila Supplement table by Kartell
  7. LC4 chaise lounge designed by Le Corbusier made by Cassina
  8. To make rooms look bigger use a  Convex mirror , such as this one from Abigail Ahern
  9. Furniture from B&B Italia whether dining tables, sofas or beds
  10. Design classic pendants such as this Taraxcum light designed by Achille Castiglioni for Flos
  11. Bathroom fixtures designed by Philippe Starck for Duravit
  12. Big, comfortable, textured cushions on sofas and bed such as this Soft Knit Cushion from Abigail Ahern
  13. Cowshed bathroom products were so prevalent I was half-wondering if it was clever product placement
  14. Quirky decor using animal themes, such as this Bulldog Lamp from Abigail Ahern
So what was my favourite?RB Word Bubbles
None of the above.  You may have guessed that I have a love affair with street art.   And wallpaper.  And big graphic prints.  So, of course, I coveted the Jimmie Martin wallpaper panels hung on the wall of this Notting Hill kitchen.


It’s big, bold and relatively affordable.  The wallpaper panels are printed to your specifications and then applied to an MDF backing.   Check out more items from London designers Jimmie Martin –  it’s all very hip and laden with irony.
So, what’s your favourite product from the list?
Do you already have some of the above products?  If so, (and I confess I do),  do you feel comfortable knowing your design style is validated by the cognoscenti?  Or, are you horrified that your design choices are more ubiquitous than you thought?!  Let me know in the comments below.

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