Clarkson on Interiors, part II

RB Word BubblesSo what was my favourite part of Shaun Clarkson’s house?

I love the mirrored conservatory at Shaun’s house.  It takes up the whole backyard of the house and the original structure was put in by the solicitors’ office.  No worries about planning permission then.  Shaun has glamorised the structure with lots of glass, mirrors and wallpaper.  The entire back wall is mirrored and makes the space feel huge.

In another climate you may be concerned that all the glass and mirror would make the space a sauna in the sunshine.  But, no such worries here in London.



In her interview, Suzanne Imre did a quick-fire round at the end with Shaun which was amusing and highlighted their chemistry.

  • lessons learned along the way:   be optimistic, be experimental, push yourself
  • favourite object:  laser beam measuring tool
  • best hour of the day:  when he gets home (awwww)
  • favourite designer chair:  wingback because you can sleep in it
  • Adele or Jessie J:  Jessie J
  • biggest crime in interiors: Mammounia in Marrakech (too glitzy now)
  • theme song to life:  Rock and Roll Suicide by David Bowie
  • thrillers or biographies?  thrillers

Shaun’s wrap up advice for people renovating their homes:  Don’t let the architect (or designer) take over.  Inject your own personality into your own home.  Having toured his house, he has definitely taken his own advice.  By the way, Shaun’s house will be on the market in a couple of months – it’s so beautiful, I’m sure it’ll get snapped up.

Have you had concerns your architect was not listening to you?  I definitely have in the past.  I now use them for planning permissions and the like but plan the interiors myself.  What was your solution?


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