Clarkson on Interiors, part I

Shaun Clarkson, that is.  Residential interior designer, bar and club designer, owner of the store, Pitfield London, and the hometels, Carrington Hose and Cliff Barns.  He’s responsible for the look of some of the coolest eating and drinking establishments in London – Dukes Hotel, Oxo Tower, Del Aziz, The Albion and the Atlantic Bar and Grill, to name a few.

I was lucky enough to be at an interview done by Suzanne Imre, editor in chief Living Etc., with Shaun as part of London Design Week at Chelsea Harbour.  Suzanne is a fantastic interviewer even though you probably don’t need too much prodding to get Shaun to open up!  Coincidentally, the next day I also visited Shaun’s home in North London as part of the Living Etc. Home Tours series.

It was interesting to hear a designer talk about himself and his home and then see the home itself.  At Shaun’s house, I met his partner as well.  They live in a converted solicitors’ office which had previously been a dairy.  Shaun believes you need to understand the history of a house and work with it.  You can see that in his own house — the kitchen units are shop fittings in homage to its retail past.  The fireplaces are beautifully restored period pieces.

Shaun describes himself as a hoarder and a shopaholic.  You could really tell that in his house.  His items are all tasteful, and carefully curated, but, boy, is there a lot of it. He makes it work by finding a common language between the disparate items – form, function, colour etc.

He admits his style is very eclectic and over the top.  He’s known for his neutrals with pops of colour.  From what I can see, the pops of colour seem to have staged a coup d’etat.  And he loves the colour yellow.  One of the main bathrooms is bright yellow.  Very cool but you have to have confidence and flair to pull it off.  All the flair, however, is not at the expense of practicality.  The yellow bathroom has an oversized ornate  mirror.  Looking at it, carefully, however, the paned glass hides a recessed cupboard for storing toiletries.

Wow, that’s a lot of information.  Stay tuned for more of Clarkson coolness in Part II tomorrow.
All photos credits:  James Balston


One thought on “Clarkson on Interiors, part I

  1. geraldine

    Hi Shoba, I wanted to go to both those events but work beckoned.Lovely to get a little glimpse here. Yes I can see the burst of colours but it looks like he has managed to balance them well. Impressed with the neatly folded clothes too. x


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