I love you for your pink Cadillac

naughty and niceWhat do you get the cats who have everything?  That was my dilemma when I went to visit my brother’s family. I’m not exaggerating – their cats, Winston and Marcellus, really are treated as additional children (complete with their own bedroom).

Arrows  gray 1Exhibits A-Z:  Winston and Marcellus get taken to see Santa at Christmas.

The cat toys at Suck UK seemed like they’d strike the right note of yuppie irony.  Too bad they weren’t organic, too.  It was hard to decide between the DJ scratching post and the playhouses.  My daughter made the final decision – pink cadillac it was.

bumper sticker

The playhouse comes as flat-packed cardboard and was perfect to take to the US in a suitcase. It took about 15 minutes to assemble.  The playhouse is made from sturdy cardboard and has lots of amusing details.  For example, the wing mirror contains an image of the open road and the bottom of the cadillac has a picture of a flattened dog.

Winston and Marcellus made short work of the Cadillac.  Unlike the cat model pictured on the packaging, they were a little too “big-boned” to fit inside. So they did everything but – jumping, rolling, climbing, and, occasionally, nibbling.  One spectacular leap from the sofa onto the car roof turned the Caddy into a convertible.


The children were highly entertained.  I’d call it a successful gift.

Verdict:  Amusement for both pets and children:  priceless.  For everything else, 20 GBP (approximately US$ 30) from Suck UK (they ship worldwide).

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