concrete(ly) speaking again

So, you’re not sure about polished concrete? or maybe your family just isn’t sharing your vision?

Perhaps you can reach a happy compromise with concrete tiles.  You won’t get the seamless look of poured concrete floors but it IS less of a commitment.

Neisha Crosland has created the Florentine Collection of handmade tiles.  Made from concrete, they echo the faded frescos found on Italian buildings.  They come in lovely colours with evocative names, such as lilac grey and dove white.  With a choice of several designs from plain to patterned, these smallish tiles (20×20) are a sophisticated choice if you are less committed to the concrete look.

Alternatively, Porcelain Tiles has a range of large-size  (80×80) tiles with the concrete look but made from porcelain.  They come in 3 colour ways (light, gray and dark). Once again, there is an option to go with a faded fresco effect.

Belgian company Emery et Cie also have concrete tiles inspired by servants quarters in old homes in Brussels. They are made in Morrocco and come in many different sizes, 49 colours and 150 motifs.  Spoiled for choice, no?

What would you choose?  Poured concrete, concrete tiles, or concrete-looking porcelain tiles?  I’d love to hear from you.

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