A concrete move

I’m thinking of concrete floors for the basement in our summer house.  They are eco-friendly, great with underfloor heating and reduces dust/allergen issues.  They won’t chip or dent  and great for heavy use areas.  So pretty perfect for those occasional rainy days, when the children are stir crazy in the house, and want to ride their bikes around the basement.

living room

In Britain, however, you do need to be careful with older houses which were built with suspended timber floors.  Concrete floors can drive any rising damp issues into nearby walls.  Good ventilation should help solve the issue.

Abigail Ahern has polished concrete on her ground floor which has lasted about 10 years and aged beautifully.  She’s used rugs and furniture to add warmth and colour as well. The look is edgy rather than industrial.

Still not convinced?  The following article may just convince you.

2 thoughts on “A concrete move

  1. interiornovice

    Hi Shobha, I love concrete floors. I’m waiting for all the tiles in my open plan kitchen to fall apart so that I can rip them up and replace them with concrete. My friends think I’m crazy. Lovely to meet you on the weekend. Keep in touch. xD

  2. shobha4 Post author

    I completely understand! I’m annoyed with myself for not having putting concrete in myself in the first place. I got talked out of it 😦 This whole family compromise thing can sometimes put a damper on things.


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