Artfully played: Art 13

Art 13 LogoLast weekend, London Olympia played host to Art 13, the newest London art fair, which was billed as the first of (hopefully) an annual occurrence.  It featured contemporary art from 129 galleries from 30 countries ranging from the usual suspects (the countries of Western Europe) to far away places in Asia.   I really enjoyed seeing artists and galleries in countries I would never other wise have gotten to visit.  The recurring themes were fascinating.  For example, some of the art was oddly similar – depictions of Da Vinci’s Last Supper only redone with Indian gods or Hungarian gay men.  Some of the works from the Middle East examined the treatment of Arab women.

In case you didn’t get a chance to go to Art 13, here’s a sampling of some of the really cool art on display.  I would love to buy some of it but would need to pass on the oranges installation.  I don’t have the floor space for 6000+ oranges.  And, it is also a massive food fight incident waiting to happen between warring siblings.  Not to mention, if I spend serious money on art, no one had better eat it (even if it is getting moldy!).

What piece could you see in your home?

Top row left:  421 Cluster 4 by Carlo Borer, stainless steel, Ivo Kamm gallery, Zurich

Top row above:  Boat by Zhu Jinshi; xuan paper, bamboo, cotton thread; Pearl Lam galleries, China, Singapore, Hong Kong

Top row below:  Douche Bag City 100$ bill by Dick Richman, mixed media, Jerome Zodo gallery, Milan

Second row left:  Sail Away by Susan Stockwell, paper currency, knitting needles and thread, Patrick Heade gallery, London

Second row right:  Stunt by Ulla Hahn, Galerie Vincenz Sala, Paris, Berlin

Third row left top:  Beefsteak by Zena el Khalil, mixed Media, FB page:  Beirut, I Love You

Third row left bottom:  Faceless by Marwa Adel by Art Sawa, Dubai

Third row right: Memories of ChinaNo. 14 by Zhu Yiyong, oil on canvas, Galerie du Monde, Hong Kong

Fourth row:  Soul City (Pyramid of Oranges) by Roelof Louw, approx. 6,000 oranges (visitors are invited to take an orange and by doing so changing the shape and dimension of the sculpture), Richard Saltoun gallery

2 thoughts on “Artfully played: Art 13

  1. Will

    I love the idea of interactive art! Do they top it up with oranges every night I wonder?! I’d hate to be the person that knocked them all down!!

    1. shobha Post author

      I’m not sure about topping up the oranges. I guess if most of the oranges were gone in the first couple of days then there would be a problem. The 6000 oranges are supposed to represent transience. You as the viewer take an orange and change the art by doing so. The shape changes over time and so thereby the artist and the viewer together “create” art. Kind of cool – but definitely an installation piece for a gallery. There is a guard nearby keeping an eye on the oranges. Probably so no wise guy tries something funny or knocking them down.


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