Gimme, Gimme, Gimme More

Abigail Ahern suggests decorating hallways, kitchens and bathrooms with items from the living room such as rugs, chandeliers, chairs and wallpaper.

I completely buy this idea, especially in an open plan room. Kitchens have become part of the living space but still seem segregated by an invisible wall by their utilitarian look.  In my own kitchen, I’ve got living room lights, wallpaper, prints and open plan shelving.  I want to do more but am still mulling it over.  No rugs for me in the kitchen though – little kids would just trample crumbs into them and they’d be disgusting in no time flat.

I also can’t quite buy into her dark hallway concept.  Currently my hallway is the colour “Steel 2” from Paint and Paper Library and I agree it can go darker for some oomph.  However, too dark and I won’t be able to see all the Lego blocks littering the steps.  That’s an accident waiting to happen!

I have added some more photos of Abigail Ahern’s home.

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