Shell Shocked

Challenge?! What was I thinking?!  I thought that many a time in the early days of the renovation.  We knew we had to redo most things and it was just cheaper and easier to start from scratch than try to salvage any of the infrastructure.  Some stuff like the roof tiles were so fragile they disintegrated as the men were trying to remove them.


We were able to add another floor to the house by reconfiguring the roof slightly and lowering the ceilings on the first floor by half a metre.  The ceilings are still pretty high (3 metres on the ground floor and 2.7 metres on the first floor).  Of course, adding a whole another floor meant bolstering up the structure with steel to carry the extra load.

Once the demolition started, we were left with pretty much the front, sides and back of the house  – a shell. We live in a conservation area and could not make changes to the outside of our Victorian house.  Even the roof came off !  A metal roof was put on top of the scaffolding to keep the worst of the elements out.  Our neighbours could see straight through the house from one side to the other.  I’m sure they were wondering how long they would have to live near a wreck.

The whole place looked like a disaster for months — no, really  – what was I thinking??!

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