In the beginning

In the beginning, there was a tired and shabby Victorian home. Many people came to view it but decided it was not quite right for them.  It was waiting for the right (or possibly just foolhardy) family – us!

The previous owners of our Victorian home had lived there for 40+ years.  You could tell immediately it was a well-loved family home.  The decor, however, was very 1970’s – lots of yellowed pine, textured wallpaper and brown carpeting.  It also no longer met current building codes.  So, we had to effectively gut the inside and redo the electrics, plumbing, heating etc.  The house was located in a conservation area and so we were not allowed to make changes to the outside without explicit permission (sparingly given!).

You can clearly see the potential the house offered.  Mr. N says “potential” is just another way of saying “money pit” but I was hooked on the house.  It’s a period property with high ceilings, original features  and the holy grail of London living – lateral living space!  After carrying sleeping children up to their rooms on the 4th floor of our previous terraced house, living on less floors is sheer luxury.  The downside is a titchy garden but you can’t have it all (not on our budget anyway).

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