Yoohoo! Here I am!

Welcome!  I’m glad you found my blog.  I’m just about done refurbishing our Victorian home in London, England.  It’s been fun and I’ve learned loads along the way.  The styling is still somewhat unfinished – for example, our front door is still white since I can’t decide what colour to paint it.

Ideally I would have started the blog at the beginning of the refurb, but I was too swamped with actually doing it.  We had an architect do the planning application but, in order to save money, I oversaw the general management of the construction process.  Our refurb turned out to be more extensive and time consuming than either I or my family anticipated.  But isn’t it always?!

I hope you enjoy browsing through this blog.  I want to collect and share the design ideas, products, blogs and crafts that inspire me. My home is an amalgam of our influences (my American background, my English husband’s love of modern European design, the cosmopolitan buzz of London, the constraints of a budget and a generally busy family life).

At some point we will finish up our US house too.  We bought it mostly finished from a developer a few years back.  It’s pretty bland internally as you would expect.  We need to reconfigure the space structurally too – for example, finish the basement, add a porch, add a garage and possibly more living space.  Our poor US house has been neglected while I’ve been focussing on the mammoth task of redoing our primary living space in London.  Now, I need a breather from builders and tradesmen while I ponder what to do with our US house.

Oh yeah, my English is now somewhat confused.  Occasionally I mix up British English spellings/expressions and American  English spellings/expressions.  My British father-in-law jokes that the children are bilingual because they speak American and English.

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